• RONA Sailing Project (2012-2015)

    Training young people, both able-bodied and disabled to sail, The Rivers Foundation have been supporting RONA since 2009.

  • Rugby Portobello Trust (2010-2014)

    The Rugby Portobello Trust is a small charity based on Ladbroke Grove in West London.  A social centre that helps with the education of under privileged children and teenagers, we support the trust through BodyWorksWest private members’  gym by running annual events to raise money.

  • Scientific Exploration Society (2006 – 2016)

    The Scientific Exploration Society (SES) was started by Colonel John Blashford-Snell and its chief aim is to enable the advancement of knowledge through the initiation and the support of challenging expeditions around the world. Projects that we have specifically supported include the provision of telescopes and medical supplies in Chile and Peru. For over 40 years,… Read More

  • South Bank Foundation (2005 – 2008)

    We have supported The South Bank Foundation in its endeavours towards children’s musical education.

  • Switchback (2009 – 2014)

    Switchback is a fantastic charity that focuses on the rehabilitation of youth offenders through work in the catering industry.

  • Uniãde Mulheres Pró Melhoramento da Roupa Suja (2012)

      Uniãde Mulheres Pró Melhoramento da Roupa Suja supports the promotion of social inclusion for female residents of the Roupa Suja neighbourhood of Rocinha in Brazil, through education and vocational training. Rocinha is one of the largest favelas in South America and is home to more than 250,000 residents who are extremely proud of where… Read More

  • Wiener Library (2011-2015)

    The Rivers Foundation continues to support the Wiener Library, which began with donations towards the ‘Rescuers of the Holocaust’ exhibition, a website blog, travelling exhibition and teachers’ packs.  We have supported the Wiener Library since the exhibition was first put on in 2011. One of the rescuers, Raoul Wallenberg, was a hero of the Second World… Read More

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